The famous photographer, Ansel Adams.

Ansel Adams was born on February 20, 1902. He was a well known photographer, and also an environmentalist. He was born in California. He found happiness in nature when he was young. When he was four, he was involved in the great earthquake of 1906. He was thrown to the ground and badly broke his nose. He was a very shy boy, due to the mark left on his nose. His family lost their fortune in 1907. Ansel liked taking walks through the "Golden Gate." When he turned 12, he taught himself how to play piano and read music. In his words, his life was "colored and modulated by the great earth gesture." Ansel passed away on April 22, 1984.

The work of Ansel Adams! :)

He was known for landscaping photography, and black&white. (:

My work similar to Ansel Adam's work. :D

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